Monday, January 13, 2014

Proving Grounds

Hello folks it's me, Marko (in collaboration with Surge), and I just wanted to tell you something about this team and the idea behind it.

You all hear about someone getting invited into a prestige team, you hear some stories how they are the elite, how it's awesome for someone from the lower class to get such a honor etc.

And you obviously, wish your friend good luck in there.

Some time later, your friend comes disappointed or mad, and you wonder what is it.

He tells you he got kicked out of the team...because of a stupid fight or a mod.

Now, the whole purpose of this team doesn't require "mad drift skillz yo" or how much polygons you can create on your generic vehicles.

It really doesn't matter if you can make models, if you can drift, if your car is ultra flushed whatever it means, if you can draw, if you can do anything, or nothing at all.

Those who don't know will learn from others.

You can have people who are great at their things but you aren't nice to them at all, what gives?

"Cuz it's all about being on the top." No. Screw your stupid teams if you think like that.

This team should represent a good link between people, an unbreakable bond, because there's nothing more important than having at least one good friend rather than having many "friends" you know.

So, there are no special requirements at all.

Only thing that is expected from a person is to be kind, polite, nice to others, and most importantly, reliable.

As for inviting people, well, only time will tell when you are in.

That's all for now people, see you around!

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